Standard Units

    • Basket Drain
    • Wall Bracket
    • Overall Size: 15 1/4″ x 17 1/4″ (387mm x 438mm)
    • Bowl Size: 10″ x 14″ x 5″ (254mm x 356mm x 127mm)
    • 13 lbs. 2 cu. ft.
    • 20 gauge


    Model No. 7-PS-60 Sink w/Splash Mounted Faucet $335.00

    TCU Carrying Case

    Geiger’s TCU Carrying Case is specially designed for your Cautery Unit. Made from super-tough Cordura® nylon material, it is cushioned to protect your cautery gear from impact. There is no better way to protect your TCU when you are on the go. Convenient extra pocket for tips and loose items.

    Item # 150-TB TCU Carry Case $55.00

    Aluminum Isoflurane Vaporizer

    These NEW precision aluminum anesthesia vaporizers are lightweight and affordable. Features include calibrated dials with detents and safety lock, large window and precision output unaffected by temperature, flow rate, liquid level or back pressure fluctuation. New vaporizers offer a full one year manufacturer’s warranty.

    • Purple color coded well for isoflurane
    • One pieces sump for added strength
    • Compact wick for increased drug capacity
    • Integrated safety lock
    • Large window for liquid level monitoring
    • One year warranty
    VP300N New Aluminum Isoflurane Vaporizer / Well-Fill $1,065.00

    Funnel vs. Key Fill
    Vaporizers are available with either a funnel filler or a key fill system. Key fillers are recommended when more than one anesthetic agent is used in a practice. Each key filler and vaporizer port is keyed to a specific gas to prevent filling the vaporizer with the wrong agent. Fillers also prevent loss of anesthetic when the vaporizer is filled. 

    Vaporizer maintenance
    Vaporizer manufacturers recommend annual maintenance for most model vaporizers. Without regular service and calibration, a buildup of preservatives and contaminants can result in loss of accuracy, sticking of the dial and, in severe cases irreversible damage to the vaporizer. Parkland Scientific provides full service and calibration for all of our vaporizers.

    Anti-Spill adapter

    This Anti-Spill adapter eliminates spillage when filling standard Tec-3 style well-fill vaporizers.

    PA5025 Isoflurane Anti-Spill Device $45.00
    PA5026 Sevoflurane Anti-Spill Device $45.00

    F/AIR Scavenger System

    This economical and practical passive scavenger system incorporates replaceable filter cartridges to absorb waste gases. Activated charcoal filter absorbs 125% of its own weight. Kit includes one cartridge, scavenger hose, Pop-off connection adapters, and cartridge holder bracket.

    80000 F/AIR KIT w/ Post Mount & Hoses $25.00
    80120 Replacement cartridge $8.99

    Non-rebreathing Circuit

    non-rebreathing circuit (recommended for patients under 10 kgs) connects vaporizer outlet to anesthesia mask and features a a standard exhaust hose for scavenging. This item includes an anesthetic gas supply tube with 15 mm male fitting, a reservoir tube, a reservoir bag, and a 19 mm bag bleed valve. (Included with anesthesia machines)

    A518 Non-rebreathing System $27.00

    V3000 Vaporizers

    These precision TEC3 vaporizers offer calibrated dials with detents and safety lock, large window and precision output not affected by temperature, flow rate, liquid level or back pressure fluctuation. New vaporizers offer a full three year warranty.

    • Automatic flow rate and temperature compensation
    • Large easy to read dial
    • Integrated safety lock
    • Large window for liquid level monitoring
    • Well-fill and Key-fill models available
    • 3 year warranty ? new / 1 year warranty – used
    V3000i New Isoflurane Vaporizer / Well-Fill $1,165.00
    V3000i-K New Isoflurane Vaporizer / Key-Fill $1,445.00
    V3000S New Sevofluorane Vaporizer / Well-Fill $1,165.00
    V3000S-K New Sevofluorane Vaporizer / Key-Fill $1,445.00

    Vacuum/Scavenging Interface w/ Back-up

    • Allows central suction system to be used for veterinary anesthetic gas scavenging by precisely controlling flow-rate between 1 and 10 Lpm ( visually verifiable at any time).
    • In the event of vacuum system failure, the anesthetics (not N2O) in the waste gases are filtered by a back-up activated charcoal filter prior to exhausting into the room and the reservoir bag will not over distend.
    • Scavenging connections accommodate 19 and 22mm tubes.
    • Available with adapters for medical gas wall mount outlets, pole mount, and ceiling drop mount configurations, including suction (vacuum) or EVAC, DISS, Ohmeda, Chemetron, Schrader or Puritan style quick connects and hose barbs.
    000a3463 Central vacuum / Scavenger Interface $465.00


    Vet-Dop Animal Ultrasonic Doppler Blood Pressure System

    The Vet-Dop is designed to screen for hypertension, to check blood pressure in surgery, to monitor peripheral profusion in surgery and to check for intact blood vessels after trauma and before amputation. This non-invasive Doppler is the method of choice for measuring blood pressure in animals weighing less than 15 pounds, and will work well on rats with the optional rodent-tail transducer probe. Other methods, including monitors that use the oscillometric technique, are not capable of detecting the smaller vessels with accurate results. The Vet-Dop also works well on cats and larger breeds, and can detect blood flow at the base of the tail in horses, The Vet-Dop is the Doppler of choice and preferred by experts in the field of small animal blood pressure measurement.
    Features include:

    • 9.4 MHz., focused transducer that can be held in place with the finger or thumb while steadying the limb with the same hand, or may be secured to the limb or tail using one of the Velcro straps provided (Tail placement only for rats)
    • A pressure pump and gauge (sphygmomanometer)
    • High quality built-in speaker w/ headphones bypass
    • instructions and a 19 minute procedural video
    • Set of 5 cuffs include the following sizes, measured length by width in cm: 25 x 6, 21 x 5, 17 x 4, 14 x 3, and 11 x 2.5.
    • Advanced low noise microelectronics
    • Three “c” batteries offer over 50 hours of use
    • One year parts and labor warranty

    BF2 Vet-Dop with 9.4 MHz. miniature CAT probe only $975.00
    BF2 SET BF2 w/ sphygmomanometer, cat probe, cuff set, stereo headphones, storage pouch, video and instructions $1098.00
    BF94R Rat Probe $35.00
    530-634 Ultrasound Gel* (12/3.5 Oz Tubes) $42.00

    *Recommended for propper contact between Transducer & skin surface)


    Video Zoom Scope

    • Super-wide eyepieces help eliminate eyestrain
    • BioVID Camera with Image Management Software
    • Optional Omnivid camera with 2″ display
    • 3x to 22.5x magnification (up to 45x with 1/2x reducing lens removed)
    • Trinocular Head & TFT screen
    • Boom Stand with Advanced Articulating Arm
    • 0.5x supplementary lens
    • Variable LED Ring Light w/ 60 bulbs 6400K Daylight color
    • 4 controllable LED light quadrants for shadowing
    • Optional Fiber-Optic Ring Light
    • Easily plugs into a large monitor
    VS-3Z Zoom Trinocular Head, Boom Stand, LED Ring Light, Biovid Camera, 19” HD Monitor, Software $2,950.00

    Vitreous china scrub-sink

    This attractive 30″ x 22″ sink with integral backsplash blends nostalgic appeal with modern functionality. Vitreous china finish is a great alternative to situations where stainless steel is not an appropriate option. Large single- basin accommodates a variety of tasks, and features choice of single or double faucet holes on the backsplash to accommodate wing-handle or foot pedal faucet valves.
    NOTE: Sink pictured with optional gooseneck spout, wall mount foot pedals, & P- trap

    Model K-12781 China Sink Basin / single faucet $795.00
    Model K-12781S China Sink w/ Gooseneck $919.00
    Model K-12781P China Sink w/ Gooseneck & Floor pedal valves $1098.00
    Model K-12781WP China Sink w/ Gooseneck & Wall pedal valves $1,199.00
    Model K-12787W China Sink w/ Gooseneck & Wing-handle faucet $971.00

    China sink accessories

    Model 1814-P-NA Wall Brackets/cast iron/ Pair $245.00
    Model 9115-CP Polished chrome strainer basket $98.00
    Model 9000-CP Polished chrome P-trap $115.00