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Veterinary: Models RHC-200 andRHC-200ATC are clinical refractometers intended for veterinary use only. FDA approval for use within human in vitro diagnostics is still pending (expected 11-96). These units provide veterinarians with quick and accurate indication of vital fluids levels. They are 3 scale models, and read urine specific gravity, total serum protein and refractive index. Model RHC-200ATC is equipped with automatic temperature compensation.

Veterinary Scale
Model No. Range Min. Div. Accuracy Price
RHC-200ATC Urine Spec. Grav. 0.002 +/-00.002 $79.00
  Serum Protein 0.2 g/dl +/- 0.2 g/dl  
  Refractive Index 0.0005 +/-0.0005  

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