Lab Animal Warm Water Blankets & Circulators

    Adroit Warming Pump

    The Adroit Medical HTP-1500 heating pump is a safe and accurate patient warming system that circulates warmed tap water through a pad.Can be safely used as an aid to prevent hypothermia during procedures on small animals.  The digital controller uses proprietary software to manage your prescribed set-point temperature to within one-degree Fahrenheit (1.0°F)!* Three temperature safety limits guard against the possibility of overheating and the Hi Limit Switches can be tested without taking the unit apart. *Pads sold separately.

    Includes hose adapters for use with Stryker/Gaymar and CSZ Pads.

    *Pads sold separately

    • Uses tap water
    • Real-time, easy-to-read display
    • Biotech friendly
    • Optional IV Pole Mount available, not included
    • Made in the USA

    Gaymar TP700 T-Pump – Pads

    T/Pump System Localized Warming and Cooling Therapy

    The new 700 series T/Pump? system replaces the popular model TP650 providing safe and effective warming and cooling therapy with precise temperature control. By circulating water through a leakproof pad, conductive temperature therapy effectively treats a variety of localized conditions including muscle and joint pain, arthritis, and edema. It also helps prevent body heat loss and hypothermia during veterinary surgery and recovery. Surround your patient with continuous warmth by connecting two Mul?T?Pads to one T/Pump?. Gaymar provides adapters for all major brands of heat therapy pumps.

    • For warming therapy, select from 50?F (10?C), 95?F (35?C), 100?F (38?) or 107?F (42?C) set points
    • Cooling setting delivers 50?F (10?C) therapy using ice in reservoir
    • Three-layer safety system with dual temperature sensors, dual microprocessors and a mechanical thermostat to ensure safety.
    • Illuminated LED control panel, comfortable handle, built-in hose and cord storage and translucent water reservoir all were designed for ease of use in any facility
    • Uses tap water (and ice cubes if cooling)
    • Timed temperature therapy cycles can be set to 20 minutes, 30 minutes or continuous therapy
    • Optional T/Pump Stand available for convenient placement and ease of transport
    • Specify connector type when placing order.
    • Size: 8″w x 11.5″h x 8″d (20cm x 29cm x 20cm)
    • Weight: 6.7 lbs. empty (3.0kg)
    • UL Listed, CSA Approved – One year warranty

    Push-Con  Heavy Duty Connectors Pair  *For Reusable Pads $22.00
    TP22E (15″x22″) Single use/20 per carton /8002-062-022 $296.00
    TP26E (18″x26″) Single use/10 per carton /8002-062-026  $240.00
    121218 (12″x18″) Reusable Heavy Duty Pad *Blue $68.00
    V016 (20″x16″) Reusable Heavy Duty Pad *Black $40.00
    V029 (20″x29″) Reusable Heavy Duty Pad * Black $58.00
    V044 (20″x57″) Reusable Heavy Duty Pad *Black $68.00
    V057 (20″x57″) Reusable Heavy Duty Pad *Black $78.00

    Rigid Polycarbonate Warming Pads


    • Connects to the Gaymar, Adroit, Hamilton pumps with optional adapters.
    • Durable polycarbonate construction. Scalpel, needle, and towel clamp proof.
    • Smooth Surfaces are easy to clean helping to prevent nosocomial infection.
    • Highly puncture resistant.


    Model A2787B 21″W x 24″D Heated Hard Pad $798.00
    Model A2788B 15″W x 24″D Heated Hard Pad $698.00
    Model A2789B 9″W x 12″D Heated Hard Pad $595.00
    Model A4076A 6″ W x 8″ D Heated Hard Pad $575.00