Parkland Scientific is a small business corporation which engages in the manufacture, supply, and service of various scientific devices including customized anesthesia systems for use on lab animals; oxygen supply equipment, gas evacuation systems, microscopes, scales, stools, stainless cabinets, lab sinks, and sterilizers. 

With our manufacturing partners around the country, we have the capability and flexibility to provide exceptional quality equipment often at a fraction of the cost of our competitor’s product, and our expert staff is dedicated to providing you with the timely and accurate information that you’re looking for. 

Certain items that we sell are restricted by federal law (USA) for sale to or by order of a licensed physician, veterinarian, or authorized medical, pharmaceutical, or research facility. Our customers include the U.S. government, research hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, life science laboratories and universities. 

Our offices are located in Coral Springs, South Florida along with our parent company. 

Parkland Scientific, Inc.
10918 Wiles Road 
Coral Springs, FL 33076 USA

Toll Free (US): 1-888-871-8317 
Tel: 954-345-4374 
Fax: 954-340-2457