Molar Extraction Forceps

    Designed to grip without crushing. Most abscesses around the rabbit head have their origin in molar tooth roots.


    Catalog Number: P454600 Molar Extraction Forceps $39.95

    Molar Rasp

    Used to remove tooth spurs without damaging the delicate root structure.



    Catalog Number: P454800 Molar Rasp $20.95

    Rabbit Incisor Luxator

    Malocclusion in rabbits is a serious problem. Extraction is the only permanent solution. The roots of the incisors in rabbits are large relative to the jaw. This luxator is designed to match the curvature of the roots of the incisors and is double ended for different size incisors.


    Catalog Number: P454700 Rabbit Incisor Luxator $29.95

    Rodent Bur Guard

    The rodent bur guard is a soft tissue protector used on low speed handpieces.



    Catalog Number: P02443 Rodent Bur Guard $150.00

    Rodent Dental Kit (set of 7)

    This kit includes one of each of the following:

    • P454500 Rodent Mouth Gag
    • P454550 Rodent Cheek Dilator, Small
    • P454555 Rodent Cheek Dilator, Large
    • P454600 Rodent Molar Extraction Forceps
    • P454650 Rodent Molar Cutter
    • P454700 Rabbit Incisor Luxator
    • P454800 Rodent Molar Rasp
    Catalog Number: P454850 Rodent Dental Kit (set of 7) $225.00

    Rodent Molar Cutters

    Used to trim spurs and hook angles. Unique shape enables the surgeon to see what is being cut.



    Catalog Number: P454650 Rodent Molar Cutters $49.95

    Rodent Mouth Gag

    An essential tool when examining the mouth of a rabbit.



    Catalog Number: P454500 Rodent Mouth Gag $65.00

    Rotex 782 Micro Motor w/ Vet Pak

    This quiet but powerful high-torque micro motor, can be used to polish, shape and section teeth, smooth, shape and debride nails, Perform restorative work, and make preparations for endodontic procedures.

    • 30,000 RPM Lowspeed Handpiece w/Forward & Reverse
    • Variable Speed Foot Control for hands-free operation
    • Includes Diamond Disc Cutting Wheel, Contra Angle, , Prophy Angle, Prophy Paste, Prophy Cups
    • One Year Warranty
      Model P00780   Rotex 782 $595.00