Anti-Spill adapter

    This Anti-Spill adapter eliminates spillage when filling standard Tec-3 style well-fill vaporizers.

    PA5025 Isoflurane Anti-Spill Device $45.00
    PA5026 Sevoflurane Anti-Spill Device $45.00

    V3000 Vaporizers

    These precision TEC3 vaporizers offer calibrated dials with detents and safety lock, large window and precision output not affected by temperature, flow rate, liquid level or back pressure fluctuation. New vaporizers offer a full three year warranty.

    • Automatic flow rate and temperature compensation
    • Large easy to read dial
    • Integrated safety lock
    • Large window for liquid level monitoring
    • Well-fill and Key-fill models available
    • 3 year warranty ? new / 1 year warranty – used
    V3000i New Isoflurane Vaporizer / Well-Fill $1,265.00
    V3000i-K New Isoflurane Vaporizer / Key-Fill $1,445.00
    V3000S New Sevofluorane Vaporizer / Well-Fill $1,265.00
    V3000S-K New Sevofluorane Vaporizer / Key-Fill $1,445.00