Alpha 1502 Fiber Optic Illuminator

    The Alpha 1502 fiber optic illuminator produces 150-watt shadow-free cold illumination. Choose either the fiber optic dual gooseneck for flexible light positioning, or the ring light illuminator, which mounts on our full line of stereoscopes. The easy-access hinged bulb door allows you to change a bulb or insert one of the included colored filters with ease. The unit also includes special heat blocking guards keeping the unit cool and safe.

    Alpha 1502 Fiber Optic Illuminator


    • EKE 150W 21V quartz halogen
    • 40,000 foot candles
    • 200 hours at full intensity
    • 3200°K





    Dual Gooseneck Light Guide shown w/Alpha 1501


    • Voltage: 85-265V 50-60Hz (automatic switching)
    • Variable Intensity Control (0-100%)
    • Fuse: 3.15 amp
    • Low-heat solid state electronics





    • Unit remains cool to the touch during use
    • Heat-blocking IR glass filters installed
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Internal cooling fan



    Dimensions and Weight

    • Height: 7” (178mm)
    • Width: 5” (127mm)
    • Depth: 10.5” (267mm)
    • Weight: 6lbs. (2.7kg)


    Fluorescent and LED

    Economical fluorescent and LED ring lights offer shadow-free cold illumination with super long-life bulbs at a reduced cost. Long thumb screws allow for easy attachment to almost any brand of microscope with mounting rings from 35mm up to 59mm. Mounting rings are available for all LW scientific stereoscopes. The fluorescent ring light now features variable intensity for precise lighting control in any environment. The LED model combines the near intensity of fiber optics with the affordability of most fluorescent models. 36 white LED bulbs, rated for 100,000 hours of life, create intense, focused, shadow-free illumination for the demanding inspection technician.
    FLR-10V Specs

    • 10-watt, 6400K bulb
    • 110v AC input
    • Spare bulb included
    • Fits 35mm-59mm mount rings
    • Boxed: 0.9 lb (0.4kg) 10” x 8.5” x 2.5”

    LED-RL Specs

    • 36 bright white focused LED bulbs
    • 110v AC input
    • Control box with dimmer
    • 1 amp fuse
    • Fits 35mm-59mm mount rings
    • Boxed: 2.7 lb (1.2kg) 9.5” x 5” x 4â€
    FLR-10V Non-Variable Fluorescent Ring Light $105.00
    LED-RL Variable LED Ring Light $195.00