F/AIR Scavenger System

    This economical and practical passive scavenger system incorporates replaceable filter cartridges to absorb waste gases. Activated charcoal filter absorbs 125% of its own weight. Kit includes one cartridge, scavenger hose, Pop-off connection adapters, and cartridge holder bracket.

    80000 F/AIR KIT $34.00
    80120 Replacement cartridge $8.99
    80120P Carton of 8 Replacement cartridges $72.00

    Veterinary Anesthesia Waste Gas Interface

    For use with our EVC3000 evacuation system or any fan style central venting system. A waste gas interface device must be used to reduce negative pressure (vacuum) if you are using central medical suction as a gas scavenger system. By balancing pressures between the anesthesia machine and the active evacuation, this device eliminates the possibility of having a “light” patient due to excess negative pressure. An optional flowmeter eliminates the need for a separate vacuum regulator. Includes 20 feet of 22 mm clear tubing, 4 feet of 19 mm tubing, and mounting hardware. 5 year warranty.

    A630 Waste Gas Interface (Pictured) $289.00
    A629 Waste Gas Interface with Adjustable Vacuum Flowmeter $319.00

    Waste gas scavenging outlet

    These versatile scavenger outlets can be used in wall or ceiling and accept both 19mm & 22mm diameter scavenger hoses. Includes wall/ceiling rough in box, 19/22 mm tubing nipple and wall cover trim plate. Designed for scavenger systems using 2″ PVC pipe reducing to ½” diameter PVC.

    EVC680 Evacuation Wall/Ceiling Outlet $60.00

    Waste Gas Evacuation Fan

    OSHA compliant method for removing anesthesia waste gas to outside air. Ultra-quiet, high quality American made ball bearing motor has five times the life span of a regular bearing motor and uses less electricity. Includes built-in circuit breaker, hour meter, stainless steel enclosure, mounting brackets, and 5 year or 10,000 hour warranty. No balancing outlets are required – Uses model EVC680 outlets and standard scavenger interface valves.

    • Capacity: 1-30 anesthesia machines.
    • Inlet/outlet: 2″ PVC or ABS Pipe
    • Electrical: 115V, 50-60Hz (Full load amps 3.0)
    • Compliance: UL recognized US & Canada, Certified to UL-507 standards from TUV-SUD America inc. Certified for US & Canada.
    EVC3000 Waste Gas Evacuation Fan 1299.00

    Vacuum/Scavenging Interface w/ Back-up

    • Allows central suction system to be used for veterinary anesthetic gas scavenging by precisely controlling flow-rate between 1 and 10 Lpm ( visually verifiable at any time).
    • In the event of vacuum system failure, the anesthetics (not N2O) in the waste gases can be filtered by a back-up activated charcoal filter prior to exhausting into the room and the reservoir bag will not over distend.
    • Scavenging connections accommodate 19 and 22mm tubes.
    • Available with Post-mount adapters, medical gas wall mount outlets, and ceiling drop mount configurations. Hose connectors include suction (vacuum) or EVAC, DISS, Ohmeda, Chemetron, Schrader or Puritan style quick connects and hose barbs.
    000a3463 Central vacuum / Scavenger Interface $696.00