Adroit Warming Pump

The Adroit Medical HTP-1500 heating pump is a safe and accurate patient warming system that circulates warmed tap water through a pad.Can be safely used as an aid to prevent hypothermia during procedures on small animals.  The digital controller uses proprietary software to manage your prescribed set-point temperature to within one-degree Fahrenheit (1.0°F)!* Three temperature safety limits guard against the possibility of overheating and the Hi Limit Switches can be tested without taking the unit apart. *Pads sold separately.

Includes hose adapters for use with Stryker/Gaymar and CSZ Pads.

*Pads sold separately

  • Uses tap water
  • Real-time, easy-to-read display
  • Biotech friendly
  • Optional IV Pole Mount available, not included
  • Made in the USA
Adroit Warming Pump $499.00