Mobile Non-rebreathing Anesthesia Machine

(vaporizer and e-tank manifold optional)

Designed for safe, simple, and controllable inhalation anesthesia for rats, small rodents, exotics, and patients weighing under 5 pounds (2.27 Kg).

  • 0 to 4 lpm flow meter with expanded 0 to 1 scale
  • Non-rebreathing system with 1 liter bag
  • 5 caster mobile base
  • Oxygen flush valve with safety restrictor
  • Non-rebreathing circuit
  • Dual O2 supply ready with check valves
  • 5 year warranty
PM1002 Mobile Anesthesia Machine w/ Well-fill Isoflurane vaporizer, Nose Cone Circuit and Double Oxygen Cylinder Manifold *Pictured $2,601.00
PM1000 Mobile Anesthesia Machine and Nose Cone Circuit
*Without Vaporizer & Oxygen Cylinder Manifold
PM1000V Mobile Anesthesia Unit w/ Well-fill Isoflurane Vaporizer & Nose Cone Circuit *Without Oxygen Cylinder Manifold $2,190.00
Optional Dual Induction Kit
RES3010 6″x8″x4″ Induction Chamber & Equalized Dual Diverter Valve Manifold w/ Mounting Bracket $252.00

*Oxygen tanks not included