Video Zoom Scope

  • Super-wide eyepieces help eliminate eyestrain
  • BioVID Camera with Image Management Software
  • Optional Omnivid camera with 2″ display
  • 3x to 22.5x magnification (up to 45x with 1/2x reducing lens removed)
  • Trinocular Head & TFT screen
  • Boom Stand with Advanced Articulating Arm
  • 0.5x supplementary lens
  • Variable LED Ring Light w/ 60 bulbs 6400K Daylight color
  • 4 controllable LED light quadrants for shadowing
  • Optional Fiber-Optic Ring Light
  • Easily plugs into a large monitor
VS-3Z Zoom Trinocular Head, Boom Stand, LED Ring Light, Biovid Camera, 19” HD Monitor, Software $2,950.00