Rodent Anesthesia Masks and Breathing Manifolds

    Rodent Non-Rebreathing Circuit with Nose Cone

    This acrylic manifold allows the position of the inside gas supply tube to be adjusted for any size rat or mouse, reducing dead-space and preventing CO2 build up. The nose gasket can be customized to fit any shape by cutting a hole in the diaphragm, and the evacuation end accepts both 19mm & 22mm hosing. Includes 10 replaceable diaphragms. ARES500 nosecone/mask measures 25mm diameter. An optional 38mm diameter mask is available for larger rodents.

    Model ARES500 Rodent Non-Rebreathing Circuit with Nose Cone $72.00
    Model ARES505 Waste Gas interface to connect RES500 to medical vacuum outlets. $55.00

    Multi Station Board with Nose Cones


    Shown with Anesthesia machine, vaporizer & 6-place supply manifold.

    Shows surgical board minus one nose-cone & plug.





    • 6 numbered subject positions
    • 22mm evacuation port for passive evacuation of gases
    • Adjustable holding straps (extra tubing included)
    • Uses industry standard RES500 coaxial non-rebreathing nose cone circuit
    • The number of circuits can be adjusted using plugs included.
    • Includes 10′ of 22mm evacuation hose
    • Can be used with F/AIR Canisters
    RES3100 Multi-Station Board without nose-cone circuits $698.00
    RES3200 Multi-Station Board with 6 nose-cone circuits $1,097.00
    RES3160 Rubber tie downs – each $12.00
    RES537 6 – Port Stainless Manifold w/ Splitter Valves & Tubing $307.00

    NOTE: Color of base has been changed to white.

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    Small Animal Anesthesia Masks

    Plastic anesthesia masks are available in a broad range of patients including large rodents, cats, dogs, and exotics. The masks feature a 15mm connector, clear cone for full visualization and a highly flexible, replaceable rubber diaphragm to help provide a leak-free fit.

    Item 93805027 Small feline 1-3/4″ OD x 7/8″ ID x 15/16″L $49.00
    Item 93805028 Medium feline 2-1/4″ OD x 1-3/16″ ID x 1-1/8″L $49.00
    Item 93805029 Large feline 2-3/8″ OD x 1-5/16″ ID x 1-3/8″L $49.00
    Item 93815026 Small Canine 3-7/16″ OD x 1-3/16″ ID x 2-7/8″L $54.00
    Item 93815028 Large Canine 5-1/8″ OD x 2-1/8″ ID x 4-3/4″L $54.00
    Item 91815014-18 Replacement Diaphragms (Specify size) $33.00

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    Gas Anesthesia Mask for Stereotaxic

    Designed for mice or rats in a Stereotaxic Instrument. The Gas Adaptors for Stereotaxic instruments, enable gas anesthesia of rats or mice in a Lab Standardâ„¢ or other stereotaxic instrument, without exposing the researcher to the gas. The Gas Anesthesia mask is installed by removing the nose clamp from the standard rat adaptor, and sliding the adaptor over the incisor bar, with the cone opening toward the open “U”. The animal (rat or mouse) is installed by placing its teeth over the incisor bar, and sliding the adaptor forward until the cone is snug about the animal’s nose, thereby substituting for the nose clamp. The teeth and the cone provide a snug, stable hold. Anesthetic gas flows in the tubing connector, past the animal’s nose, and out the other side, where it may be routed to recycling, exhaust, or gas analysis instruments.

    Model 51609 Gas Anesthesia Mask, Mouse -Pictured at left $239.00
    Model 51610 Gas Anesthesia Mask, Rat -Pictured at right (Rat Adapter not included) $239.00