GasVak Multi-Station Gas Scavenger System

This active scavenger unit removes waste anesthetic gases from the pop-off valve on anesthetic machines or from the end of a non-rebreathing circuit. Atmospheric equalizers adapt each anesthesia machine to an evacuation hose which can be routed to either a ceiling or wall outlet w/balancing valve. The waste gas is then vented outside the clinic via 1 ½” or 2″ PVC pipe and a vacuum fan. An additional balancing valve and atmospheric equalizer is required for each additional anesthesia location.

Model J-302 Two-station GasVak Unit
(Includes two ceiling balancing valves & two atmospheric equalizers)
Model J-302D2 Ceiling Outlet w/Balancing Valve $214.00
Model J-302D2W Wall Outlet w/Balancing Valve $317.00
Model J-302D1 Atmospheric Equalizer (attaches to anesthesia machine) $288.00