PSP-55 Deluxe Lab Stool

    • Upholstered padded backrest
    • 14″ x 15″ square cushioned seat
    • Foot rest
    • Three turns per inch screw shaft adjusts height from 21″ to 35″
    • Nylon floor glides
    PSP-55 $280.00

    PSP-551 Chair

    • 16″ x 17″ contoured seat
    • Adjustable back support
    • Shaft screw adjustment
    • Easy rolling 2-1/2″ casters
    • 16″ to 26″ height adjustment
    PSP-551 Chair $335.00

    PSP-551-GS Chair

    • 16″ x 17″ contoured seat
    • Adjustable back support
    • Pneumatic height adjustment
    • Easy rolling 2-1/2″ casters
    • 18″ to 23″ height adjustment
    PSP-551-GS Chair $408.00

    PSP-555-GS Lab Stool

    • 16″ x 17″ contoured seat
    • Adjustable back support
    • Pneumatic height adjustment
    • Easy rolling 2-1/2″ casters
    • 24″ to 31″ height adjustment
    PSP-555-GS Lab Stool $488.00

    PSP-6000 Surgeon’s Stool shown with Procedure Rest

    PSP-6000 Procedure Rest

    • 16″ diameter seat
    • 21″ diameter steel base
    • Foot-controlled hydraulic operation
    • Single pedal height adjustment of 20″ to 28″
    • Steril-Gard design
    • Powder-coated, 5-caster base with 3″ casters
    PSP-6000-PR Procedure Rest Only $360.00
    PSP-6000-AB-PR Hydraulic Stool w/Procedure Rest $2,163.00

    PSP-6000 Surgeon’s Stool

    • 16″ diameter seat
    • Seat rotates 360-degrees independent of height
    • Small size backrest
    • Powder-coated, 5-caster base with 3″ casters
    • Optional arm rests and locking casters
    PSP-6000 $1,803.00

    PSP-7000 Surgeon’s Stool

    • Sensafoam body contouring seat and back
    • Seat rotates 360-degrees independent of height
    • Anatomically shaped seat
    • Multi-position seat and backrest
    • Height adjustable and articulating arm/wrist rests
    • Chrome-plated, 6-caster base, with high-grade 3″ casters
    • Optional locking casters
    PSP-7000 $2,597.00

    Rabbit Incisor Luxator

    Malocclusion in rabbits is a serious problem. Extraction is the only permanent solution. The roots of the incisors in rabbits are large relative to the jaw. This luxator is designed to match the curvature of the roots of the incisors and is double ended for different size incisors.


    Catalog Number: P454700 Rabbit Incisor Luxator $29.95


    Veterinary: Models RHC-200 andRHC-200ATC are clinical refractometers intended for veterinary use only. FDA approval for use within human in vitro diagnostics is still pending (expected 11-96). These units provide veterinarians with quick and accurate indication of vital fluids levels. They are 3 scale models, and read urine specific gravity, total serum protein and refractive index. Model RHC-200ATC is equipped with automatic temperature compensation.

    Veterinary Scale
    Model No. Range Min. Div. Accuracy Price
    RHC-200ATC Urine Spec. Grav. 0.002 +/-00.002 $79.00
    Serum Protein 0.2 g/dl +/- 0.2 g/dl
    Refractive Index 0.0005 +/-0.0005


    RES505 Waste Gas Interface

    This Waste Gas Interface connects the RES500 (see above) to medical suction or WAGD outlets. The evacuation end of the RES500 non-rebreathing circuit fits directly into the interface and a convenient dial allows you to adjust the suction flow rate to prevent excessive negative pressure from your active evacuation or suction system.

    Model ARES505 Waste Gas interface to connect RES500 to medical vacuum outlets. $42.00



    The REVELATION 3 microscope features a rugged stand and an anti-fungal coating on the optics.The unique 12-volt/20 watt Halogen Illuminator features an optional a car adapter or portable battery for mobile or field use.

    • 4X , 10X , 40X , 100X/Oil achromat Objectives
    • 1.25 NA ABBE Condenser with Iris Diaphragm & Filters
    • Seidentopf Head with 12.5X Eyepieces
    • Optional Carry case & Car Battery Adapter
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Stand & Optics/One Year Warranty on electronics.


    Model RV30A Standard Achromat Objectives $499.00
    Model RV30S S-Plan / Flat field Objectives $565.00
    Model RV30ST S-Plan Objectives & Trinocular Head $1,095.00

    Rigid Polycarbonate Warming Pads


    • Connects to the Gaymar, Adroit, Hamilton pumps with optional adapters.
    • Durable polycarbonate construction. Scalpel, needle, and towel clamp proof.
    • Smooth Surfaces are easy to clean helping to prevent nosocomial infection.
    • Highly puncture resistant.


    Model A2787B 21″W x 24″D Heated Hard Pad $798.00
    Model A2788B 15″W x 24″D Heated Hard Pad $698.00
    Model A2789B 9″W x 12″D Heated Hard Pad $595.00
    Model A4076A 6″ W x 8″ D Heated Hard Pad $575.00