Mouse and Rat Intubation Packs

    For use in conjunction with anesthesia intubation with the Rodent WorkStand. Each pack is designed to hold all the tools and supplies needed to perform quick, efficient and minimally traumatic orotracheal intubation of small rodents. The Intubation Packs come with a specially designed and molded, autoclavable intubation speculum, a lidocaine applicator, an endotracheal tube guide wire, an incisor loop and a brief video tutorial of how to perform the intubations. In addition the Rat Pack contains scissors, umbilical tape, and a mirror for the verification of tracheal intubation and the Mouse pack includes two sizes of mouse endotracheal tubes. Packaged neatly and conveniently in a 13″ x 8″ x 2″ polypropylene organizer box with each compartment labeled for contents, reordering information and what the part is used for it can be stored most anywhere and always be ready for use. (NOTE:Both these packs are less the otoscope as there are three approved models to choose from.)

    Model a3747 Mouse Intubation Pack $256.00
    Model a3746 Rat Intubation Pack $327.00


    Model 201a3353 ET Tube 1.27 OD Pack/5 – Blue $33.00
    Model 201a3354 ET Tube 1.22 OD Pack/5 – Orange $33.00
    Model 201a3491 ET tube Introducer $49.00
    Model 201a3589 Mouse specula $40.00
    Model 201a3588 Rat specula $40.00


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    Advance Infusion Pump Series 1200

    The Advance Infusion Pump Series 1200 is a simple, accurate, affordable single syringe pump. Easily input the syringe diameter, volume, and time into the large number keypad that no other pump on the market has and let Advance do the rest.
    No need to scroll through long lists of syringe sizes and infusion rates again with Advance!


    Additional Features:

    • The Advance Syringe Pump can be programmed up to 99 different steps for variable rates and pauses in a single infusion.
    • Nonvolatile memory stores all information from a past infusion including the steps
    • Press pause/resume key at anytime to pause or restart in the middle of an infusion.
    • Rates anywhere from micro-liters per hour to milliliters per minute
    Pump Type Infusion
    Max.No. Syringes 1
    Syringe Size .5µL to 60mL
    Linear Force 22lbs.
    Min Flow Rate > .1µL/hr
    Max Flow Rate 8.87mL/min
    Accuracy ± 3%
    Reproducibility ± 1%
    Power 9Volt DC @ 1000mA
    Dimensions 9.0″ x 5.75″ x 4.93″
    Weight 3.9 lbs.
    Steps per Revolution 400


    Model CPT-SYRNG-1200 Advance Infusion Pump Series 1200 $795.00
    Model 200-100 Rodent Infusion Table $395.00
    Model 270-1000 Rat Infusion Tether w/ Harness $30.00
    Model 270-2000 Mouse Infusion Tether w/Harness $30.00



    The renowned performance of Olympus Microscopes are widely acclaimed for superior resolution and image contrast throughout a flat viewing field.
    The Model CX31 system microscope can easily accommodate a multitude of accessories, including: phase contrast, photomicrographic systems, polarizers, darkfield, dual observation teaching heads, and a wide variety of eyepieces and objectives.

    Standard features include:

    • 4X , 10X , 40X (Spring), 100X Oil (Spring) Plan Achromat Objectives Corrected to Infinity
    • 10X , F.N. Wide Field, High Eyepoint Eyepieces
    • ABBE Type N.A. 1.25 Condenser with Aperture Diaphragm & Filter Holder
    • Mechanical Stage with Convenient Low Position Coaxial Controls
    • Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focus with Tension Ring & Limit Control Lever
    • 6 Volt / 30 Watt KOEHLER HalogenI lluminator.
    • Warranty: 5 year Parts & Labor / 1 year on electrical
    Model CX31 Binocular Call for Price

    Oxygen Cylinder Cart

    Height adjustable cart accepts both E and D cylinders.

    PX-1020 Cylinder Cart $34.00
    PX-1020-E Cylinder Cart with E Cylinder $100.00

    Oxygen Cylinders

    Model # Description Specifications Price
    PX-8703-1T E Cylinder 25″x 4.5″ / 679 Liters/ 7.3 lbs / 2015psi / Toggle valve $72.00
    PX-8702-1T D Cylinder 16″x 4.5″ / 425 Liters / 5.1 lbs / 2015psi / Toggle valve $69.00
    PX-8701-1T M9-C Cylinder 10.5″x 4.5″ / 246 Liters / 3.6 lbs / 2015psi / Toggle valve $66.00

    *NOTE: Cylinders are shipped empty.
    *Add suffix -1W to substitute a wrench in place of toggle valve.

    P-536 Exam Stool

    • 14″ round cushioned seat
    • 21-1/2″ diameter chrome base
    • Screw shaft adjustment
    • Easy rolling 2-1/2″ casters
    • 16″ to 26″ height adjustment
    P-536 Exam Stool $241.00

    Pedestal Base Units

    • Splash Mounted Gooseneck Faucet
    • Bowl Size: 14″ x 16″ x 6 1/2″
    • Pedal Valves to operate Faucet
    • Basket Drain
    • Pedestal Base
    • 50 lbs. 15 cu. ft.
    • 18 gauge”

      Model No. 7-PS-18  $975.00


    • Largest platform available
    • Slip resistant top
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Can stack safely for increased height and interlock to create larger platform
    • Dimensions: 14″D x 19″W x 6″H
    PSP-1015 $205.00



    • Transport cart holds up to six PSP-1015’s
    • Can also be used for storage of PSP-1015’s when not in use
    • Stainless steel construction
    • 3″ diameter swivel casters
    PSP-1015-TC $271.00


    PSP-1037-SS Stool

    • 14″ round stainless steel contoured seat
    • Stainless steel base with heel rest for added comfort
    • Three turns per inch screw shaft adjusts height from 20″ to 34″
    • Rubber floor tips

    PSP-1037-W/C-SS Stool

    • Same as PSP-1037-SS with 2″ double ball bearing swivel casters
    • Height adjusts from 22-3/4″ to 36-3/4″
    PSP-1037-SS $286.00
    PSP-1037-W/C-SS $349.00

    PSP-1039-SS Stool

    • 14″ diameter round cushioned seat for durable comfort
    • Upholstered padded backrest
    • Stainless steel base with heel rest added for comfort
    • Three turns per inch screw shaft adjusts height from 21″ to 35″
    • Rubber floor tips

    PSP-1039-W/C-SS Stool

    • Same as PSP-1039-SS with 2″ double ball bearing swivel casters
    • Height adjusts from 23-3/4″ to 37-3/4″
    PSP-1039-SS $302.00
    PSP-1039-W/C-SS $334.00

    PSP-1040-SS Stool

    • 15″ square cushioned seat for durable comfort
    • Upholstered padded backrest
    • Stainless steel base with heel rest added for comfort
    • Three turns per inch screw shaft adjusts height from 25″ to 38″
    • 3″ double ball bearing swivel casters
    PSP-1040-SS $353.00